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May 2019 at UpCloud

Please join us at this event kindly hosted by UpCloud ( There will be some drinks, snacks, and hopefully lively discussions.


I teach, therefore I learn (by Juhis)

There are many ways to improve your skills as a developer. Teaching programming is an awesome but bit under-appreciated one.

Becoming a senior developer is about so much more than just technical competency. It’s about helping others succeed, it’s about becoming a leader and it’s about being a good communicator with users, clients and teammates.

In this talk, I will share how 6+ years of programming teaching has made me a better developer in the core understanding of topics, communication, and perspective as well as reveal all the additional perks of joy, diversity, and making friends.

Juhis is a web developer and community builder from Futurice and the founder of Turku :heart: Frontend who wants to help make tech more accessible to everyone. He’s been teaching programming in various courses and workshops during the past 6 years.

Crystal for Rubyists

Fast as C, slick as Ruby.

Crystal is a fairly new, exciting programming language that is drawing attention. Rubyists feel quickly at home, because Crystal is highly influenced by Ruby.

In this talk, I’ll give you a gentle introduction to Crystal and why you might be interested in trying it out.

Lauri works as CTO at Finitec, advancing the economic freedom and career development of freelance developers and software professionals. He’s been a Rubyist since 2005 and loves to explore new technologies.

UpCloud’s story and what’s difficult with the Cloud (by Faheem Iftikhar)

Faheem Iftikhar will talk about the cloud problems and challenges mainly developers face based on all of the customers feedback experiences UpCloud’s support team has had so far.

About our hosts

UpCloud Ltd. is a European performance-leading cloud hosting company, offering an hourly billed infrastructure-as-a-service. Currently, UpClould is providing its services from data centers based in the UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, and Finland. They are passionate about offering the most high-performance servers currently the world’s fastest with an extremely redundant infrastructure to the most demanding customers globally.

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