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September 2019 at Kisko Labs

It’s the first Ruby get-together since May so let’s meet for some cunning talks, drinks, and interesting conversations.

Hosted by Kisko Labs. If you have ideas or wishes for Euruko 2020, this will be a great opportunity to express them.

There will be cupcakes.

We have two talks lined up for the evening:

Ruby on Races (Artem Krivonozhko)

The talk is about different cases of possible race conditions when there are concurrent requests or background processes. It covers user session, database and file system level problems, ways to detect and prevent them.

Optimistic UI with Logux & Ruby (Dmitry Salahutdinov)

Logux is a new way of communication between server and client. The talk is about Optimistic UI concept, the underlaying problems and solutions, and how to make modern UI and Logux to get up with existing Ruby backend.

Date: 2019-09-26
Starting at 17:30

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