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Return of the Ruby Brigade

After a long hiatus Helsinki Ruby Brigade is back!

This time we’ll be meeting at Jackie on Iso Roobertinkatu. Some pizza and drinks will be on offer, thanks to Kisko Labs.

We have a couple of short talks lined up for the event.

Oivan’s journey with Ruby on Rails (Aki Teliö)

Oivan has built and scaling one of the largest applications in the ME region. Among this journey, there have been several learnings including restructuring the team, cultural differences and working with microservices application. Now we are scaling up and building larger teams.

Ruby ❤️ Rust (Matias Korhonen)

A very quick intro to Rust-based gem extensions and an even quicker introduction to Rust itself.

Working with AI in Ruby (Lauri Jutila)

AI, and especially LLMs, are all the rage right now. Lauri will show you how interacting with AI models can be easy and effortless.

Event Details

Iso Roobertinkatu 21, Helsinki